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Be-St Holland Products b.v.

Be-St Holland Products b.v. is a Netherlands based company exploring opportunities in the food & dairy industry.

This website is meant to introduce ourselves and to provide back ground information concerning our activities. Here we explain to our customers and other interested parties about our mission and about the objectives that we pursue in creating added value to our customers.

We have been working in the field of food & dairy industry for the last 15 years. Latest activities are introducing on line web shops for cheese makers. Here cheese makers of all kinds (hobbyist and commercial) can place on line orders for the various equipment that they require for their cheese making process.

Focus in the shop is on the Cheese Mould:  the plastic part that is used in the cheese production process to form the rind and to give the cheese its final shape.

We strive to advise and support our customers regarding the choice and the use of the product in order to let create maximum benefit of each purchase. We do this by all available media communications as well as per personal visits on site.

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